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penny farthing touring

This bike is a hand made touring style penny farthing. It has a 56” and 20”wheel, mild steel frame and rims with copper detailing

Hubs and other items are brass.

Saddle leaf spring PB bronze

Saddle from Oamaru Ordinary Cycle Club.

Adjustable 4”, 5”, 6” cranks

Solid rubber tyres

Rear brake is foot operated. It is linkage operated centre pull.

Spokes are user made ie have no threads or bends and can be made from any wire at hand. ie fencing, tig or other. The driver wheel has swiveling longitudinal brass pins that spokes share in pairs to allow for the twisting of the driver hub. This stops the traditional breaking of radial spokes. They are 2.4mm stainless and very reliable . A real tourer.

Rides very well.

Penny Farthing touring

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