penny farthing

This hand made 56”Penny Farthing is a world first with titanium frame and forks.

Other features

Titanium Frame fully annealed tube, from 38mm diameter and tapered along its entire length to an aero design at the lower end of the frame.

Drive axle and pedal axle both hollow G5 titanium.

Seat clamp G5 titanium.

Hubs and pedals from billet 6061 alloy.

Titanium spokes in big wheel.

Brooks B17 Special with titanium frame and matching tool bag.

Cranks hollow 6061 alloy 4”.

Rims lathe turned u section and cross riveted through the 3mm walls. Traditional solid rubber tyres.

Handle bars aero 6061 alloy with Kauri handles.

Hydraulic 4 pot disc brake with 160mm disk

Penny Farthing titanium