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GOLD 9ct 18ct 22ct

Product Description Gold bow ties are the ultimate in Bespoke Precious Metal Bowties. This high end product is ideally suited to being personalised for both Individual and corperate gifting. Available in 9ct, 18ct, 22ct yellow gold and more. Each bow tie comes with a satin band, Gold hook, slider, WTM logo ring and display box. Gold bow ties are usually “out of stock” as they are made to your individual needs. Prices to be confirmed and quoted. Here are some guidelines. 9ct yellow gold weight 150grms NZ$8,000 TBC 18ct yellow gold weight 210grms NZ$16,700 TBC 22ct yellow gold weight 240grms NZ$22,800 TBC

GOLD 9ct 18ct 22ct

SKU: 010
  • Gold Bowties.

    Bow Dimensions; Length 98mm Height 50mm by two thicknesses of Gold sheet 1mm each. Weight 200-250grms approx. Every Bow has a Serial number on the reverse side and WTM logo. Precious metal bowties, Silver and Gold, are hallmarked accordingly.

    The satin band is attached with a solid Gold hook and slide. To compliment this there is also a solid Gold logo ring on the bands right side that can only be seen when wearing a wing collared shirt.

    Each tie has its own solid acrylic display box that has been individually sized so the bow slips gently within its rubber mounts. The box also has a lower compartment that the satin band lays into and once housed, the bow tie and box become an exquisite piece of art to display whilst the tie is not being worn. 

    The Box is assembled with engineered  capscrews and dome nuts that are gold plated to match the look of the  Bow tie. The Box comes with a black velvet bag to complete this impressive package

  • Gold Bowties are considered Bespoke and are not refundable. However  damaged or faulty goods are refundable and should be returned as soon as possible.

    Please do not hesitate to Contact us for clarification as we wish to make your purchasing experience enjoyable.

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